February 21, 2007 marked the beginning of a new journey for Phylon’s childhood home.

As many of you all may already know, I am in the process of building a new home. My family and I had contemplated on what to do
about our old house. We had begun remodeling it about two or three years ago but the efforts came to a halt. We had replaced all
of the old siding, windows, and completely remodeled the restroom. Then just this past February we decided that it was time to build
a new home instead of trying to restore something that would cost just as much.

I contacted a home building company located in Laredo, Texas named Paisano Home Builders. They took my information down and
called me back within minutes. Roger Garcia who is the son of the president of Paisano Home Builders told me, “I have some
wonderful news for you Mr. Gonzalez! You have been approved for a new home with no money down. When can you come by our
office to choose the model of your new home?” I was in Laredo, Texas the very next day. I didn’t want this opportunity to pass me
by. My brother Nuffy and his girlfriend Prissy went along with me because I am not a very good shopper. I wanted their advice on
what type of home to build. We found their business office with almost no trouble at all. While in Laredo I had to fill out some
paperwork with the Mortgage Company. Then we headed on over to see the already built homes that they had on display. We
looked at all of the four bedroom model homes until we finally made our decision. I signed the contact with Paisano and came home.

Paisano and I agreed that the construction of the new home would begin on or before February 25, 2007. I was in a big dilemma.
What was I to do about my old house! We needed to have the land cleared before the 25th and were already halfway thru the
second week of February. I called around to local contractors to see how much they would charge me if they demolished my old
home. Their prices were outrages! One person wanted $1,500.00 to demolish the house and an additional $500.00 to haul the
material away. Another person wanted $1,200.00 to demolish the house and he would keep all the lumber. He would charge me an
additional $100.00 to extract some trees and clear the land. These people wanted too much money. I talked it over with my family,
and we all agreed on giving the house away to anyone that came up with the money to have it moved, the catch was that the house
needed to be moved before February 25, 2007. I told people around town and talked to some people at work to see if anyone
would be interested in taking a free house. I was getting very discouraged. I was feeling depressed and my good friend Sheila was
trying to make me feel better by telling me, “If we have to, we’ll tear it down ourselves. We’ll tear it down in no time“! I am very lucky
to have friends like her and Luis. The following day, my good neighbor Sandra told me, I’ll take the house. I have some land where I
can have it moved to. Don’t worry; we will move it before the 25th.

On February 20, 2007 I got a call from Sandra telling that the house movers were coming to Cotulla to move the house on the
22nd.  Not another obstacle! Where was I going to live? I drove around town looking for a decent but affordable place to rent for the
next three months. I looked at many houses and couldn’t find the right one. Luck stuck again. A neighbor of mine who is also in the
process of building a house sold his mobile home to Sandra’s mother in law. They in turn moved the house to the opposite corner
to where my old house was. It was great! I got to stay in the same neighborhood.

On February 21, 2007 me and my brother Nuffy began packing some things into boxes and moving them into the living room of our
old house, while my new landlords rushed to get the mobile home into living conditions. They hooked up the water lines, sewer lines
and even installed an electric stove for us to use. Mean while me and Nuffy began moving some of the small things into the mobile
home and had already cleared out my bedroom. We still had a lot of work to do. Luckily my good neighbor Estella came to help us.
Nuffy took a short break to go and lift weights, while Estella and I drafted a plan of action to tackle the job at hand. We decided do
one room at a time. We began with the restroom. It took us about an hour to clear it out. That room was filthy. From the restroom we
moved to the kitchen. That room was in fair condition, or so we thought. The bottom cabinets we filled with useless old crap that
probably needed to be thrown away years ago. We cleared out the kitchen in about 2 hours. It was already late in the evening and
we were still packing things and moving boxes into the mobile home. We decided to call it a night at about 3:00 in the morning. I
slept for about 3 hours and woke up at about 6:00. I continued packing and moving some things into the mobile home while I waited
for Nuffy to come and help. He came over at about 8:00am. We thought that the home movers weren’t coming till about 2:00pm but
they surprised us and showed up at 9:00am. Nuffy and I were in a panic mode. We had spent all mourning messing around. We still
had all the major appliances inside the house, including the kitchen table, the couches, the computer desk, and many other items.
Luckily the home movers couldn’t move the house because the light company needed to come and disconnect the wires from the

Estella came over at about 9:30am and helped us move everything out. We decided to take everything out of the house and put it
in our backyard just to move it out of the home movers’ way. Then later on the day we could move the stuff into the mobile home.
Everything turned out great. We got all of the stuff out of the house and moved into the backyard. Then we went over to the mobile
home and cleaned it out. We began moving the things in the backyard in to the mobile home. George, Sandra’s husband helped
me and Nuffy bring the big things over. He did all of the plumbing and electrical work on the mobile home with out any help other
than Sandra’s. They did a wonderful job, I can’t complain.

At about 5:00pm the technician from the light company showed up to disconnect the electrical wires from the old house. The house
had already been lifted and set on two very large steel railings with tires. As soon as the technician cut the wires, the home movers
hooked up a trailer to pull the house to its new location. The movers moved the house hardly any trouble at all. The only problem
was that the train was in the way for a few minutes. At about 6:30pm the house was resting on its new location.

I have to admit that it was hard to see my childhood home being hauled away. I will always cherish all of the memories that I
experienced while growing up in this house. Soon I will be experiencing new memories in my new home. When one door closes
another one opens. I will be posting pictures of the new home soon! Check out the latest news portion of this website regularly.
Messages about the home construction will be available there. Thank you for taking the time to read about my home adventure and
my new life commitment. I will finally be experiencing the American dream!

I am in the process of making a video about the house moving project. Below is a preview of this video.
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