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December 12, 2013.

Thomas Gonzalez adopted Eli Jeremiah
Gonzalez, and Lillian Faith Gonzalez. This day
the Lord made us a forever family. Thank
you Jesus for always being with us and
blessing us with everything that we have.

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LFFWC - Pastor Mark says "Fill them up"
LFFWC - Pastor Mark says "Winds and Waves"
Daily Bible Verse
I found my new home!!! Living Faith Family Worship Church is my new home. My kids and
I enjoy the services and Pastor Mark reveals the word in a way that hits me right in the
heart. I truly believe that God brought me to this new church. I am blessed beyond my  
understanding. I will continue to serve the Lord with my whole heart. He will have all of
me. I know that I fail Him daily, but He loves me anyways! Pastor Mark has inspired me
more in the past couple of months and I am very lucky and great full that he came to our
town and stirred the pot. Cotulla needed a revival and we're getting it through Pastor
Mark. May God continue to bless them and move the city of Cotulla.
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